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I wonder how much school uniform goes missing over a child’s schooling? Is your child constantly losing their school jumper or P.E Kit? At Funky Labels we have a number of school uniform labels and products that will help solve this problem and turn lost property into returned property by following our instructions on how to apply iron on name labels to clothes and school uniform.
Our range of Iron On Name Labels are easy to apply and are extremely resilient to hard tear and tear. Not only are they machine washable, they are tumble dryer proof.
We’ve put together a simple how to guide to ensure the best results on applying our Iron On Name Labels. The main two factors to applying labels correctly are pressure and heat.
Firstly, ensure the iron is completely empty of any water in the water tank reservoir. Any water will create steam and this will cause the writing to blur and will give a very poor adhesion to the garment.
After extensive testing, we suggest setting your iron to a medium to hot setting. Bear in mind not all irons are the same so you may need to tweek the temperature. Start at a lower temperature, you can always increase this.
Remove the printed label from the backing sheet and position it in place. We suggest you apply to a smooth surface, trying to avoid elasticated waste bands and ribbed collars. Place the supplied silicone paper over the printed label. Press down firmly with the iron for 10 seconds. Remove the silicone paper immediately.
The label should be smoothly adhered to the garment. You should not feel any raised edges. If the label has not properly adhered properly, please repeat the process again applying slightly more pressure or turning up the temperature of your iron very slightly.
Once your label has been applied, please do not wash the garment for 24 hours. When using the tumble dryer, tumble dry on a low heat setting and remember to not iron directly over the label. Our easy to apply iron on name labels are ideal for naming school uniform, nursery clothes and clothes that are used in a care home.
If you require and further help with applying your labels, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.


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