Applying our personalised shoe labels

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Our personalised shoe labels cut down on your child loosing their shoes. How many times have you been at the soft play area to find all the shoes look the same? Has your little one come home from school squeezed in to the wrong sized shoe thinking it was theirs? We know it happens all the time! With our shoe labels you can help your child easily recognise their shoes. We have lots of  different labels to choose from. Your child will stand out from the crowd with our personalised shoe labels.

Use our simple to use customisation tool to order your child’s labels. We have Choose from our Funky Feet Labels, Shoe Dots or Curved Shoe Labels.

Firstly stick the printed shoe sticker in the shoe. Press down firmly. Place the transparent shoe cover over the top. Press down firmly again.

To ensure the printed shoe stick does not rub off you will need to apply the transparent cover over the top of the printed label. If you do not use the transparent cover, the print rubs off. The friction of the foot rubbing against the label causes the print to rub off. Please see the above video for the specific application process. Our range of shoe labels all come with the corresponding amount of transparent shoe covers, you do not need to purchase these separately.

If you have purchased any of our regular labels, clothing stick on labels or shaped labels you have the option to purchase the corresponding transparent shoe covers.