Our personalised shoe labels cut down on your child loosing their shoes. How many times have you been at the soft play area to find all the shoes look the same? Has your little one come home from school squeezed in to the wrong sized shoe thinking it was theirs? We know it happens all

We have just launched a customisation tool on our website that currently covers all our labels. ⁣This takes creating your own personalised name stickers and labels to the next level. Our new visual  tool enables you to see an example of your label appears before adding them to your basket. We know how hard it

I wonder how much school uniform goes missing over a child’s schooling? Is your child constantly losing their school jumper or P.E Kit? At Funky Labels we have a number of school uniform labels and products that will help solve this problem and turn lost property into returned property by following our instructions on how to

World Book Day

We will be celebrating World Book Day tomorrow, with a little reminiscing. I remember years of creating wonderful outfits when World Book Day first started. A few of my favourites were ‘The Cat in the Hat’ and ‘Where’s Wally’. We really hope your little one is looking forward to World Book Day. Will your little one be

Stick on Personalised Name Labels

There’s nothing worse than putting your favourite beaker down then not being able to find it. You definitely left it next to the sink. Then you see your best friend sipping from a similar cup, but how can you prove it’s yours? That’s why you need these fabulous personalised stick on name labels. They’re easy