Our personalised shoe labels cut down on your child loosing their shoes. How many times have you been at the soft play area to find all the shoes look the same? Has your little one come home from school squeezed in to the wrong sized shoe thinking it was theirs? We know it happens all the time! With our shoe labels you can help your child easily recognise their shoes. We have lots of  different labels to choose from. Your child will stand out from the crowd with our personalised shoe labels.

Use our simple to use customisation tool to order your child’s labels. We have Choose from our Funky Feet Labels, Shoe Dots or Curved Shoe Labels.

Firstly stick the printed shoe sticker in the shoe. Press down firmly. Place the transparent shoe cover over the top. Press down firmly again.

To ensure the printed shoe stick does not rub off you will need to apply the transparent cover over the top of the printed label. If you do not use the transparent cover, the print rubs off. The friction of the foot rubbing against the label causes the print to rub off. Please see the above video for the specific application process. Our range of shoe labels all come with the corresponding amount of transparent shoe covers, you do not need to purchase these separately.

If you have purchased any of our regular labels, clothing stick on labels or shaped labels you have the option to purchase the corresponding transparent shoe covers.

We have just launched a customisation tool on our website that currently covers all our labels. ⁣This takes creating your own personalised name stickers and labels to the next level. Our new visual  tool enables you to see an example of your label appears before adding them to your basket.

We know how hard it can be to visualise how your label will appear. We have developed a customisation tool to make this a much more visual experience. This now gives you a better idea on how your name will appear depending on the text type you select.

If you have a longer name or double barrelled surname we would suggest you choose the ‘Mouse Memoirs’ font as this is great for longer names. The look of your personalised labels depend on so many things, ie the colour options, font choice and length of name. Now you can create your own designs and change how your label appears. The customisation tool is so easy to use. Your child will love getting involved with creating and choosing their options for their personalised name stickers and labels.

We have tried to match the colours as best as possible to the actual colours we print. Please bear in mind that not all colours appear the same on all screens. There may be a difference in shades. We would also suggest that when choosing the background colour and font colour, that you choose contrasting colours. For example black text will not be that visible on a navy background.

Once we receive your order details, our designers will  tweak the customisation to ensure everything is in the right place. ⁣We will of course always contact you if we think your colour options do not compliment each other.

We will continue to develop the customisation feature to include a visualisation feature for all our products.

I wonder how much school uniform goes missing over a child’s schooling? Is your child constantly losing their school jumper or P.E Kit? At Funky Labels we have a number of school uniform labels and products that will help solve this problem and turn lost property into returned property by following our instructions on how to apply iron on name labels to clothes and school uniform.
Our range of Iron On Name Labels are easy to apply and are extremely resilient to hard tear and tear. Not only are they machine washable, they are tumble dryer proof.
We’ve put together a simple how to guide to ensure the best results on applying our Iron On Name Labels. The main two factors to applying labels correctly are pressure and heat.
Firstly, ensure the iron is completely empty of any water in the water tank reservoir. Any water will create steam and this will cause the writing to blur and will give a very poor adhesion to the garment.
After extensive testing, we suggest setting your iron to a medium to hot setting. Bear in mind not all irons are the same so you may need to tweek the temperature. Start at a lower temperature, you can always increase this.
Remove the printed label from the backing sheet and position it in place. We suggest you apply to a smooth surface, trying to avoid elasticated waste bands and ribbed collars. Place the supplied silicone paper over the printed label. Press down firmly with the iron for 10 seconds. Remove the silicone paper immediately.
The label should be smoothly adhered to the garment. You should not feel any raised edges. If the label has not properly adhered properly, please repeat the process again applying slightly more pressure or turning up the temperature of your iron very slightly.
Once your label has been applied, please do not wash the garment for 24 hours. When using the tumble dryer, tumble dry on a low heat setting and remember to not iron directly over the label. Our easy to apply iron on name labels are ideal for naming school uniform, nursery clothes and clothes that are used in a care home.
If you require and further help with applying your labels, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.


school uniform labels

World Book Day

We will be celebrating World Book Day tomorrow, with a little reminiscing. I remember years of creating wonderful outfits when World Book Day first started. A few of my favourites were ‘The Cat in the Hat’ and ‘Where’s Wally’. We really hope your little one is looking forward to World Book Day.

Will your little one be going to school or nursery dressed up as their favourite book character? I’ve seen so many great ideas for fabulous outfits this year. So whether your daughter is dressed as Alice in Wonderland or your son is obsessed with dinosaurs and expects you to create a dinosaur outfit, I am sure they’ll have a fantastic day tomorrow. Do they love reading Dinosaur Roar! The Dinosaur who lost his roar or just love dinosaur sticker books? Our great nephew will be going to World Book Day dressed as a dinosaur. He just loves The Christmasaurus by Tom Fletcher.

So if your son has gone to school wearing his dinosaur outift and you are worried about it getting lost, we have the perfect solution. Naming your child’s clothes couldn’t be easier with our range of Iron On Name Labels, in our popular dinosaur design. We have 3 sets of dinosaur Iron on Name Labels to choose from. Whether you are naming clothes for a day at school or nursery your little one will easily recognise their belongings. Our easy to apply iron on name labels ensure you won’t struggle with searching through the lost property box again. It will be a lot easier for you to be reunited with lost P.E Kit or school sweatshirts. We also offer the dinosaur labels in a stick on version for you to name their favourite dinosaur. There will be no more worrying about their prized dinosaur going missing if you’ve put their name on it.


Stick on Personalised Name Labels

There’s nothing worse than putting your favourite beaker down then not being able to find it. You definitely left it next to the sink. Then you see your best friend sipping from a similar cup, but how can you prove it’s yours?

That’s why you need these fabulous personalised stick on name labels. They’re easy to peel off and apply too, meaning even the littlest fingers can take pride in naming their own belongings. These name labels are just the ticket for sticking on toys, beakers, books, bottles, bags and more – you could even let the world know who you are and wear one as a name badge too!

Each name label sticker comes personalised with your name printed in big bold letters using a choice of font, colours and styles – so there’ll be no mistaking your possessions ever again.

Your friends will be jealous and will probably want them too, but the joke’s on them – because they’ve got your name on them.

It’s easy to place your order. First pick one of your favourite designs from our stick on name labels, iron on name labels or personalised products –  there are so many to choose from you’ll be spoilt for choice. We also do a range of value packs including stick on and iron on name label sets too.

Choose from our popular dinosaur, robots, owls, shabby chic or Dragon designs. With the range of stick on personalised labels being developed all the time. Then type your name, over one or two lines, and let us do the rest.

These bright and eye catching personalised stickers are a must if you need to keep track of belongings.