Iron On Welsh ‘Y Ddraig Goch’ Dragon Pack


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  • Easy to apply Iron on Labels
  • Washing Machine safe at 60 degrees
  • Tumble dryer safe on low heat
  • Print choice
  • Made from soft flexible material

Our designer packs of funky Welsh ‘Y Ddraig Goch’ Dragon stick on name labels are a fantastic addition to our range of personalised name tags. These iron on labels are popular with all little Welsh Supporters. These are sure to go down as a huge hit with all Rugby and Football Fans. So whether you are celebrating a win in the six nations or a national football success you will show everyone who you really support.. Don’t come unstuck again, with our personalised iron on name labels.

We have conducted extensive testing to ensure your labels will not peel or come off, if applied correctly. We use a superior quality material that is easy to apply and produces an excellent result. Ideal for school clothing, care homes, sports kit, Beavers and Brownies kit.

Available in Packs of 24, 48 and 96

Starter Pack of 24 Stick on Name Labels includes

  1. 6 Round Labels 35mm in diameter
  2. 9 Small Labels 46mm x 12mm
  3. 6 Medium Labels 60mm 15mm
  4. 3 Large Labels 100mm x 20mm

48 Iron on Name Labels Pack includes

  1. 12 Round Labels 35mm in diameter
  2. 18 Small Labels 46mm x 12mm
  3. 12 Medium Labels 60mm x 15mm
  4. 6 Large Labels 100mm x 20mm

96 Iron on Name Labels Pack includes

  1. 24 Round Labels 35mm in diameter
  2. 36 Small Labels 46mm x 12mm
  3. 24 Medium Labels 60mm x 15mm
  4. 12 Large Labels 100mm x 20mm

Wash new clothes before applying label. Labels are not suitable for Teflon coated clothing. Heat and pressure are the 2 main factors when applying labels correctly.
How to Apply

  1. Set your iron to a medium/hot setting. Remove all water from the iron including water in the reservoir.  It is essential to apply with no steam.
  2. Remove label from backing sheet, position it in place on a smooth area of a clean dry garment
  3. Place supplied silicone paper over label
  4. Press down firmly with iron for 10  seconds.
  5. Remove Silicone paper immediately.
  6. Ensure label is smoothly adhered to the garment. If not repeat steps 3 – 5 applying more pressure for an extra few seconds.

Care of your label

  1. Do not wash garment for 24 hours once  label has been applied.
  2. Tumble dry on low heat setting.
  3. Do not iron directly over label.


Iron On Label FAQ’s

Q. How do I apply these labels?
A. These are iron on labels and can be applied with a regular household iron. Please see our how to apply section. Instructions on how to apply are sent with every order.
Q. What can I name with these labels?
A. You can use the iron on name labels to name a variety of products including socks, shirts, underwear, jumpers, sweatshirts, polo shirts, blazers, trousers, skirts, hats, gloves, towels.
Q. My labels won’t stick?
A. Please ensure there is no water residue left in your iron and your iron is set at the correct temperature. Apply a little more pressure and leave the pressure for an extra couple of seconds. Please contact us if you continue to have any issues.
Q. My labels have ruffled up?
A. You have not applied the label to a smooth part of the garment. Do not apply to waist bands etc. Ensure you apply to a smooth area of the garment.
Q: Can I have more than one name per order?

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