Shoe Dots Stick On Shoe Labels


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  • Easy to apply personalised Stick on Shoe Labels
  • Transparent Shoe Covers Included
  • 13 colour options available
  • Print choice
  • Made from soft flexible material

Our popular dots stick on shoe labels are available with 13 different colour options making it easy for your child to spot their shoes. Perfect for naming all shoes from school shoes to rugby boots.  Don’t come unstuck again, with our personalised stick on shoe labels.

We have conducted extensive testing to ensure your labels will not peel or come off. We use a superior quality material that is easy to apply and produces an excellent result. Ideal for shoes, football boots, rugby boots, trainers and plimsoles.

You will need to place the personalised shoe label in the shoe and place the transparent cover over the top. If you do not place the transparent shoe label over the top the print on the personalised label may rub off. Please note these labels are supplied with an equal number of transparent shoe covers.

Measure 23mm

Available in packs of 12 or 24 measuring23mm

12 Pack Includes

  1. 6 pairs of stick on round shaped labels
  2. 12 Transparent round Shoe Covers

24 Pack Includes

  1. 12 pairs of stick on round shaped labels
  2. 24 Transparent Round Shaped Shoe Covers

How to Apply Shoe Labels

  1. Please ensure you apply to a clean dry surface
  2. Stick printed sticker in place. Place inside the shoe and press firmly to ensure label is completely stuck.
  3. Place transparent cover over the top of the printed stick, to produce a protect seal over the printed sticker.

Please note you must use the transparent shoe covers if applying to shoes to prevent the print rubbing off.

Shoe Labels FAQ’s

Q. My labels won’t stick to my child’s shoes?
A. Please ensure you have positioned the sticker in place and applied the protective shoe cover over the top. Will only stick to shoes with a smooth lining.
Q. My shoe labels have rubbed off?
A. It sounds like you haven’t used the shoe cover provided. These are supplied with some packs and can also be purchased separately.
Q: Can I have more than one name per order?
A: We’re sorry we cannot split orders. We only accept one name per order. We often offer family discounts. Please sign up to our newsletter to benefit from our special offers.
Q: Can I change my order?
A: If you realise you have made a mistake with your order, please contact us immediately. If your order has already started the printing process, we are unable to make any changes. If your order has not started the printing process, we will do our best to change your order. Please call the office on 01745 607354