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Stick On Dinosaur Clothing Name Labels


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  • Easy to apply – simply just stick on
  • Washing Machine safe at 40 degrees  – NOT suitable for Steam Washing Machines
  • Tumble dryer safe on a low heat
  • Large choice of colour options
  • Print choice
  • Made from soft flexible material
  • No more ironing, no more sewing…

Our colourful dinosaur stick on clothing labels are so simple to use. Simply stick on to the care label inside the clothes and apply light pressure with your thumb. Our dinosaur design range of stick on clothing labels come in a repeat design of 5 designs per pack.  Don’t come unstuck again, with our stick on clothing name labels.

We have conducted extensive testing to ensure your labels will not peel or come off, if applied correctly. We use a superior quality material that is easy to apply and produces an excellent result. Ideal for school uniform, care homes, sports kit, ballet, Beavers and Brownies kit. Ideal for those hard to apply clothes like nylon coats etc.

If you do not have care labels on your clothes then our range of  dinosaur iron on name labels are an excellent option to use along side our Dinosaur Stick on Clothing Name Labels. Simple and Easy!

We have various Dinosaur Products available, making it easy for your child to recognise their kit! – Lunch Bags | Gym Bag | Soft Toy |

Stick on Dinosaur Clothing Name Labels – Product dimensions 22mm x 18mm

Label packs come with instructions on how to apply your own labels.

With our customisation tool, it is really easy to create your own personalised labels.

Click on any of the available options to change colour, icons and text choices. Just type in your name and it will appear on the screen. You can go back at any stage and change the text, colour or image and you will see your label change before your eyes.

Its so easy to use, your child will be able to help create their very own labels.

Additional information

Weight 50 g

Available in packs of 32, 64 or 128