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  • Save money with our value packs
  • Easy to apply personalised Stick on Name Labels
  • Contains Stick On & Iron On Labels
  • 13 designs
  • Print choice
  • Made from soft flexible material

Our pre-cut shaped stick on and iron on name labels are available in our popular money saving value packs are available with 13 different motifs to choose from. The value packs include both iron on and stick on labels making them a great affordable option. We’ve even included shoe covers to make the stick on labels completely versatile. Please see our ‘Pack Info’ for quantities.

We have conducted extensive testing to ensure your labels will not peel or come off, if applied correctly. We use a superior quality material that is easy to apply and produces an excellent result.

Available in Packs of 96 and 192

Additional information

Weight 100 g

Available in Packs of 96 and 192

96 Pack contains 96  Shaped Name Labels measuring 55mm x 18mm (maximum at circle) and 8 shoe covers

192 Pack Contains 192  Shaped Name Labels measuring 55mm x 18mm (maximum at circle) and 16 shoe covers

How to Apply Iron On Labels

Wash new clothes before applying label. Labels are not suitable for Teflon coated clothing. Heat and pressure are the 2 main factors when applying labels correctly. 

  1. Set your iron to a medium/hot setting. Remove all water from the iron including water in the reservoir.  It is essential to apply with no steam.
  2. Remove label from backing sheet, position it in place on a smooth area of a clean dry garment
  3. Place supplied silicone paper over label
  4. Press down firmly with iron for 10 seconds.
  5. Remove Silicone paper immediately.
  6. Ensure label is smoothly adhered to the garment. If not repeat steps 3 – 5 applying more pressure for an extra few seconds.

Care of your label

  1. Do not wash garment for 24 hours once label has been applied.
  2. Tumble dry on low heat setting.
  3. Do not iron directly over label.

How to Apply Stick on Labels

  1. Please ensure you apply to a clean dry surface
  2. Stick label in place to any smooth hard surface and press firmly to ensure label is completely stuck
  3. Allow 48 hours to ensure label has fully stuck before washing

Please note you must use the transparent shoe covers if applying to shoes to prevent the print rubbing off.

Stick On Label FAQ’s

Q. How do I apply these labels?
A. Please peel off each individual label and apply using the instructions supplied with the labels or on our website.
Q. What can I name with these labels?
A. You can use the stick-on name labels to name a variety of products including drinks bottles, baby bottles, dummies, plates, cutlery, glasses, hockey sticks, cricket bats, laptops, mobile phones, bikes, books, rulers and all stationary products. The list is endless, these labels will stick to any smooth dry surface.
Q. My labels won’t stick to my child’s shoes?
A. Please ensure you have positioned the sticker in place and applied the protective shoe cover over the top. Will only stick to shoes with a smooth lining.
Q. My shoe labels have rubbed off?
A. It sounds like you haven’t used the shoe cover provided. These are supplied with some packs and can also be purchased separately.

Iron On Label FAQ’s

Q. How do I apply these labels?
A. These are iron on labels and can be applied with a regular household iron. Please see our how to apply section. Instructions on how to apply are sent with every order.
Q. What can I name with these labels?
A. You can use the iron on name labels to name a variety of products including socks, shirts, underwear, jumpers, sweatshirts, polo shirts, blazers, trousers, skirts, hats, gloves, towels. 
Q. My labels won’t stick?
A. Please ensure there is no water residue left in your iron and your iron is set at the correct temperature. Apply a little more pressure and leave the pressure for an extra couple of seconds. Please contact us if you continue to have any issues.
Q. My labels have ruffled up?
A. You have not applied the label to a smooth part of the garment. Do not apply to waist bands etc. Ensure you apply to a smooth area of the garment.